Entry Made Easy with OneAccess.

Introducing OneAccess - Maintenance Care's latest Space Management Software. Streamline registrations, appointments, and pre-check-ins seamlessly.  Touchless Entry via QR Codes or the OneAccess Kiosk App, minimize physical contact and transmission risks effectively, while embracing a modern, convenient approach to visitor management. Say goodbye to pens and paper - welcome a safer and more efficient solution with OneAccess.

  • Schedule appointments and pre-check-in online
  • Touchless Entry with QR Codes or Kiosk App
  • Go paperless, for reduced transmission risks.

Experience Unparalleled Convenience and Security with the ultimate solution for safe Entry Processes.

With OneAccess, our Visitor Management Software, we enable seamless registration for staff, visitors, residents, and contractors upon entry and exit. Thanks to OneAccess, you can easily schedule appointments in advance and complete pre-check-ins on your phone or computer. Moreover, our system allows you to minimize physical contact through Touchless Entry, and you can use QR Codes or the OneAccess Kiosk App on a tablet for a more convenient experience. By ditching pens and paper, OneAccess also helps you reduce transmission risks effectively.

Custom Entry for All

No matter who's at the door, with OneAccess you  welcome them in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

Manage Entry for Visitors.

Efficiently manage your visitor flow with our comprehensive front desk check-in system. Seamlessly check in visitors, guide them to their intended destination, and effortlessly track their stay duration. Our user-friendly platform ensures a smooth and welcoming experience while maintaining high security and organization. Streamline the entire process, empowering your staff to deliver exceptional service. Enhance your visitor management capabilities and create a positive impression from the moment guests arrive.

Manage Entry for Employees.

Optimize daily check-ins for employees with OneAccess - Maintenance Care's Visitor Management Software. Enjoy express entry through touchless QR Codes or the OneAccess Kiosk App, streamlining and simplifying the process for a seamless start to the workday. Elevate your employee experience today!

Manage Entry for Contractors.

Effortlessly manage contractor check-ins with OneAccess - Maintenance Care's Visitor Management Software. Utilize the convenient kiosk feature to seamlessly register vendors upon arrival and seamlessly integrate their information directly with Maintenance Care. Streamline your contractor management process and enhance operational efficiency with OneAccess today!

Manage Entry for Deliveries.

Simplify delivery management with OneAccess - Maintenance Care's Visitor Management Software. Seamlessly handle incoming deliveries by utilizing the kiosk for quick check-ins upon arrival. Integrate delivery information directly with Maintenance Care, ensuring efficient tracking and smooth logistics. Embrace a hassle-free approach to handling deliveries with OneAccess!

What Industries Do We Serve?

While our satisfied clients come from a diverse range of industries, some of the most frequent users of the OneAccess visitor log system are from the following sectors:

Senior Care: In the senior care industry, OneAccess provides a crucial tool to give residents and their families peace of mind. By adhering to the most recent screening protocols, senior care facilities can ensure the safety and well-being of their residents, staff, and visitors, creating a secure and nurturing environment.

Education: For educational institutions, OneAccess offers unmatched flexibility, enabling a seamless transition between online learning and in-person routines. With the convenience of the visitor log, schools and universities can effortlessly manage entry protocols, tracking both students and visitors with ease, ensuring a smooth and efficient learning experience.

Hospitality: In the hospitality sector, compliance and guest health monitoring are paramount. With OneAccess, hotels, resorts, and event venues can effortlessly stay on top of their safety measures. The comprehensive software allows for efficient screening and registration of both staff and guests, providing a streamlined approach to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

At Maintenance Care, we take pride in our product and its ability to cater to the unique needs of each industry. Our team is enthusiastic about showcasing the ease of use and safety benefits of a modern, digital visitor log through a personalized demo. Let us demonstrate how OneAccess can revolutionize your visitor management, enhance safety protocols, and streamline operations, bringing your organization into the digital age with confidence. Contact us today for a demonstration that will leave you confident in the power of OneAccess.

What Are The Benefits of Going Paperless?

Embrace the transformative benefits of going paperless with OneAccess - LEAVE THE PAPER TRAIL BEHIND and elevate your visitor management to new heights. In bustling facilities with constant foot traffic, the challenge of visitor tracking is effortlessly met with our digital solution. By making the switch, you can enhance your processes and elevate the quality of service you provide. Moreover, you'll be well-prepared to address the need for contact tracing and compliance, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all.

OneAccess offers an array of powerful features designed to streamline compliance and comprehensive tracking:

  1. COVID-19 Questionnaires: Implement health screening questionnaires digitally, enabling efficient pre-screening of visitors, staff, and contractors. Easily capture relevant health information before their arrival, ensuring a safer and smoother entry process.

  2. Temperature Registration: Seamlessly record temperature readings upon entry using our touchless kiosk or mobile app, instantly identifying any potential health risks and taking appropriate action.

  3. Vaccination Tracking: Stay on top of vaccination status with OneAccess. Easily maintain records of vaccinated individuals, allowing for better risk assessment and overall safety planning.

  4. Swab Test Results: Effortlessly integrate and track swab test results within the system, keeping a comprehensive record of health status across your facility.

  5. Alerts on Negative Responses: Receive instant notifications when someone answers negatively to COVID-19 screening questions, enabling you to respond proactively to potential risks.

By leaving the paper trail behind and adopting OneAccess, you can revolutionize your visitor management while meeting compliance standards effortlessly. Embrace the future of digital visitor tracking and ensure a safer, more efficient, and streamlined experience for everyone involved. Say goodbye to paper and hello to a cutting-edge solution that sets the standard for visitor management excellence.


What Our Satisfied Clients
Are Saying.

"The preventative maintenance program that's part of the software... you never miss another preventative maintenance. Your equipment lasts longer because it's taken care of. This program has changed my life, it has changed the way we do things daily."

Colleen Clementi
Director of Operations, Rygiel Supports for Community Living

"The reason I like Maintenance Care, and I'd choose them hands down over anybody else, is that the month-to-month cost fee for it is reasonable and you can stop at any time if you felt like this isn't for you. The tracking of assets has been huge for us in that we can monitor costs in our equipment and project forward the replacement costs vs. repairs. It's been wonderful working with this team. They've solved so many problems of ours, and it's a pretty exciting program to work with."

Darrell Bennett
Facility Director, Haven Hill Retirement Centre

"Setting [Maintenance Care] up was so simple. Everyone was very communicative, very helpful, very supportive. The whole training was so efficient and so well done, and they follow up. It was just very easy, very smooth. From my research, there isn't anything that can better this product."

Benita Watts
Director of Campus Operations, Sandler Family Campus

"The ROI that we find being very beneficial with Maintenance Care, particularly from the general manager's perspective, is that if I find we're spending 100 hours on one HVAC system just to keep it limping along, I can go before my board and say, 'It's time to replace this one.' Maintenance Care has been, by far, the most practical from a user's perspective and by far the most customer friendly."

Mike Huber
General Manager/COO, Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center

“We were using a very labor-intensive system that was combined with paper work orders. Maintenance Care had a one-up where they had more tools in the software. This software hits the point where you have an end user be able to submit a work order, and it allows you to be preventative as well as reactive. I have recommended Maintenance Care for people that are looking for a software solution."

Michael Bates
Environmental Service Manager, Riverview Home

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