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OneAccess – the latest software by Maintenance Care. All the tools to keep your facility safe and improve efficiency of your entry process.


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VISITOR logs. COVID Questionnaires.
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One of the most important lessons learnt since the beginning of COVID is that access to the right tools and information at any time is vital for maintaining the health and safety of all the people in your building. With OneAccess, we at Maintenance Care have created a Visitor Management Software allowing your staff, visitors, residents, and contractors to register upon entering and leaving. Thanks to OneAccess, you can:

  • let your visitors schedule appointments in advance and complete a pre-check in on their phone or computer
  • minimize physical contact with Touchless Entry
  • use QR Codes or the OneAccess Kiosk App on a tablet
  • ditch pens and paper, minimizing transmission risks


No matter what your preferred method for allowing visitors to come into your facility, we've got you covered!

Self Check-In

Fully Automated Workflow

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Kiosk Entry

Self Serve at the Door


Receptionist Mode

Stay in Command


Custom entry processes for all

No matter who's at the door, with OneAccess you  welcome them in the most convenient and efficient way possible.


Check in visitors at the front desk, direct them to the right place, and monitor stay duration.


Create convenient express check-in for employees entering on a daily basis.


Utilize your kiosk to check in vendors on arrival and integrate directly with Maintenance Care.

Leave the paper trail behind

In every facility where many are coming and going every day, visitor tracking is a challenge. Improve your processes and quality of service by going digital. If the need for contact tracing and compliance arises, you'll be prepared. Here are some of the OneAccess features that will help you stay compliant and keep track of everything:

  • COVID-19 Questionnaires
  • Temperature Registration
  • Vaccination Tracking
  • Swab Test Results
  • Alerts on Negative Responses


While our satisfied clients come from a variety of industries, these are the most frequent OneAccess visitor log users:

Senior Care:
Give your residents and their families peace of mind by following the most recent screening protocols.

Enjoy the flexibility of switching from online learning to real-life routines back and forth with no extra effort.

Stay compliant and monitor the health of your staff and guests with one software product.
Our team is looking forward to showing you the ease of use and safety benefits of a modern, digital visitor log in a personal demo.

Check-in / Check-out

Simple Visitor Management Software for safety, compliance, and enhanced efficiency.